avi-leviProfoundly understanding legal issues and business environments, LevisLaw is premised upon a commitment to deliver sound and prudent judgment to our clients on their important matters.

In today's business arena we operate in the fast-paced international business environment where we promise and deliver prompt results-oriented advice and cost-effective solutions.
Experienced businesses know their attorneys must bring more than good legal skills to the table. They need attorneys who understand the way they conduct their businesses. Levislaw is comprised of legal professionals with substantial corporate level management experience and skills.

Clients turn to our well experienced teams of lawyers because we listen attentively and provide them with clear and forthright answers to the problems.

Our lawyers are known for the precision, timeliness, and effectiveness of their counsel. Working closely and assiduously with our clients, we become their first choice for advice while seeing solutions to their legal challenges. Levislaw is an Israeli boutique law firm, specializing in corporate law, High-Tech, Telecom, Intellectual Property, mergers and acquisitions and technology law.

Our approach of teaming with a leading law firm in China ensures that we work in China seamlessly to handle the most complicated Corporate, Antitrust, M&A, FDI, Regulatory, Restructuring and Litigation challenges